“As marketers, we know we have to engage with and educate our customers. In doing so, we empower behaviors intended to nurture a more competent patient and caregiver. Cultural and social considerations are important in understanding a patient’s story. And when we understand each patient’s story, patient care improves for everyone.”

Take a look at a full chapter of David McDonald’s new book What’s Their Story? Anthropology, Design Thinking, and The Rebirth of Healthcare Marketing. What’s Their Story is a book about the value of human insight and design thinking for healthcare marketers and patient advocates. Understanding the roots of patient centricity will set the stage for a productive and successful path forward. This book chapter will orient the reader and their strategic thinking towards a fresh way of thinking about the work we do.

• Meet Enid Balint, the person who coined the term “patient-centered”

• Learn about the Biopsychosocial Model of Healthcare 

• Read Four Case Study Briefs

By changing our focus from a biomedical approach to a biopsychosocial view, we have a more human-centered framework for innovation and change.

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