There is no denying that the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic are voluminous and varied, and many believe its impact will be felt for months, years and even decades into the future. 

To help make sense of the journey thus far and provide clarity for the road ahead, LIFT has prepared the industry’s most in-depth qualitative research report analyzing the experiences of healthcare consumers and healthcare practitioners (HCPs) across the U.S.

Leveraging insights gathered from more than 700 survey respondents and hours of stakeholder interviews, this report attempts to organize and interpret the vast range of lived experiences, perceptions, emotions, and motivations of Americans who volunteered to participate.

Inside this 5-part report you’ll find:

  • Highlights of key themes in consumer and HCP perceptions of the virus and associated mitigation efforts, and how these themes have shaped how consumers are coming to terms with the so-called “new (or next) normal”.
  • Unique perspectives of HCPs as they relate to their lived experiences and collective efforts to respond to the myriad challenges posed by an ongoing and unprecedented health crisis.
  • Key consumer insights into LIFT’s proprietary Five Dimensions of Emotional Truth—shedding light on the most noteworthy stakeholder needs, motivations, fears, hopes, and beliefs related to the crisis.
  • An exploration of the impact of the crisis on all aspects of consumer well-being (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, and organizational), highlighting key paradoxes brought to light.
  • Contextual implications and insights-driven recommendations to help patient advocates, marketers and strategists navigate the road ahead.