Qualitative research and ethnography are new tools every healthcare marketer needs to embrace if they want to improve patient experience and beat their competition.

In the past few years, big data analytics has been the go to buzzword for gaining insights in the consumer healthcare and life science spaces, and it’s likely that you may already uses big data. The data in big data is quantitative, how much, how often, etc., all of which can give you an understanding of what’s happening. However, a wise person once said: “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everthing that counts can be counted.”

At LIFT, we like to supplement the quantitative big data with an ethnographic approach that generates qualitative data. Whereas quantitative data uncovers the what, qualitative data explains the why. Having both complements each other and gives a complete picture of your consumers, patients, and/or stakeholders.

You can learn more about quantitative and qualitative data in our latest white paper, Finding the “Why” Behind the “What”: How Qualitative Research and Ethnography Can Make You a Better Healthcare Marketer.

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