Leveraging Human Insight to Promote a New Standard of Care


Paving the Way for Needleless

Velano Vascular, Inc., is establishing a new standard of care for inpatient blood draws. The device, called PIVO™, aims to reduce the anxiety, pain, and risk of traditional blood draws. Velano was founded in 2012 and received FDA clearance for the device in 2015. Now on its second official iteration, PIVO has been adopted by multiple health systems in the United States, as well as throughout the world.

Strategic Foundation

  • Design Thinking
  • Ethnography
  • Strategic Co-Creation & Design

Deliverables & Tactics

  • Creative Identity
  • Brand Story
  • Journey Mapping
  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • Collateral & Web Design
  • Stakeholder Education
  • Marketing & Sales Enablement

LIFT leverages the voices of stakeholders to create stories that resonate with hospitals on a human level. The use of ethnographic films and design thinking principles has reinforced the need to change the standard of care for inpatient blood draws. LIFT also has functioned as Velano’s lead design agency since 2015.


To convince the market to consider the patient and change the standard of care by adopting new vascular access technology. 

Bringing a new standard of care to LIFE

Velano Vascular approached LIFT with the challenge to enhance and standardize the company’s external and internal commercial activities behind a unified, powerful brand while establishing credibility behind a “premium value” solution to a pervasive, very real, age-old problem in healthcare.

  • Equip stakeholders to impact change in hospitals and health networks throughout the world.
  • Leverage insights to illuminate and inform the design and implementation of programming for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Velano is founded on human-centric principles. Their aim is to make an impact through values such as integrity, compassion, accountability, passion and tenacity.

  • Velano leverages the fear and anxiety caused by needles in hospital settings to change the standard of care.


One major challenge Velano faces is the amount of work that goes into transforming a standard of care that has not changed in a century and requires buy-in on many levels in order to change. Changes in health care administration have given Velano the ability to leverage patient and practitioner experience to impact change at the ground level.


LIFT has helped Velano implement the use of PIVO in four hospitals across the US (Connecticut, Utah, Ohio and California) through the design of training and sales materials, as well as documentary films and web design.

Illuminating the human condition

To help illuminate the lived experience on both sides of the healthcare transaction, LIFT engaged in four in-depth, ethnographic immersions at pilot hospitals during the implementation phase of PIVO. The insights gained from these ethnographic immersions continue to illuminate and inform the design and implementation of programming for internal and external stakeholders to this day.


With support from LIFT, Velano Vascular is building significant traction and momentum in establishing a new standard of care for inpatient blood draws. PIVO is currently in use  in hospital systems across the country and counting and continues to secure significant venture funding to drive growth. 

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