Advancing Population Health via a Custom Consumer Magazine


Impacting Population Health through Content

Southwell s a growing, not-for-profit hospital system serving 12 counties in South Central Georgia. The Main Campus is Tift Regional Medical Center (TRMC), a 181-bed regional referral hospital located in Tifton, GA. TRMC was named a top 10 Georgia medium-size hospital by Georgia Trend magazine in both 2012 and 2013.

Strategic Foundation

  • Marketing Strategy & Co-Creation

Deliverables & Tactics

  • Custom Magazine
  • Content Marketing Strategy

LIFT was hired by Southwell in 2016 to develop a comprehensive content marketing program anchored to its custom consumer publication, OnHealth, to breathe new life into their population health and service line marketing efforts and start a conversation with the communities they serve.

  • To drive service line awareness in the community and educate community members about their options in healthcare.
  • Leverage proven marketing conventions to serve multiple service lines and branding strategies while generating content and marketing tools that have a long lifespan—content and tools that can be spread across multiple content delivery platforms.
  • To drive service line awareness in the community and educate community members about their options in healthcare.
  • Increase health literacy in key populations.
  • Service lines that drive revenue and profits to the hospital
  • Brand messaging and patient empowerment
  • Competitive positioning.
  • Market growth
  • Protecting market share from out-migration
  • Reputation management
  • Limited financial resources despite competition and the need for forward-thinking marketing
  • Out-of-market competition for elective procedures and innovation
  • Large disparities in population health and health literacy among target populations

Working with Tift, LIFT created On Health, a series of custom published magazines. On Health focuses on community health interests, relevant healthcare needs, and the services of Tift Regional Medical Center—all designed to engage readers in a conversation that builds a tactile awareness of the healthcare services available to them from Tift Regional Medical Center. In addition, Tift provided themed programming that will touch on emerging trends in the community.


The publication drove service line awareness in the communities that Southwell serve as well as educate the user to the options in their healthcare. LIFT galvanized Southwell’s brand through a new approach to OnHealth, deepening the relationship between Southwell and their target audiences.

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