Transforming Quality Improvement in Pediatric Health


A Quality Improvement Project to Impact Generations to Come

The Pediatric Healthcare Improvement Initiative for Tennessee (PHiiT) is an organization committed to improving the quality of pediatric healthcare throughout the state by standardizing how provider performance is measured. To improve the organization’s ability to deliver on this commitment, the PHiiT sought to identify new and forward-thinking ways to increase collaboration between healthcare providers, promote innovation, and share best practices related to the use, delivery, management, and evaluation of pediatric healthcare.

Strategic Foundation

  • Design Thinking
  • Ethnography
  • Strategic Co-Creation & Design

Deliverables & Tactics

  • Human-Centered Outreach Strategy & Tools
  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • Practice Improvement
  • CME Tools

LIFT assisted PHiiT in developing and implementing a comprehensive quality improvement framework focused on high-cost pediatric health concerns recognized by providers as opportu­nities for innovation – particularly with respect to access, delivery and patient experience.


The objective of this engagement was to develop the framework for practice improvement initiatives that could be adopted by practices throughout the state of Tennessee. 

  • Facilitate access to and use of quality improvement best practices; eliminate gaps in the application of evidence-based best practices
  • Improve outcomes and positively impact patient satisfaction scores
  • Maintain consistency with State and Federal priorities
  • Internal Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement (Site Recruitment) 
  • Innovative Practice Improvements
Quality improvement, though seemingly simple, can be a complicated process foreign to practicing physicians, some of whom have been practicing the same way their entire careers. As a result, quality improvement initiatives across the state of Tennessee suffered sparse and inconsistent implementation.

The teams’ collaboration ultimately led to the development of the Tennessee Best Practice Provider Resource (BPPR)—an aggregation of CHIPRA, HEDIA, and National Improvement Partnership quality measures for pedi­atrics. The BPPR allows providers to compare quarterly practice-specific data to aggregated data at a statewide level, enabling providers to prioritize resources and investments in areas where it is most needed for quality improvement.


This initiative helped facilitate access to and use of quality improvement best practices; eliminate gaps in the application of evidence-based best practices. Across the state, PHiiT-supported practices adopting BPPR maintained consistency with state and federal priorities, improved outcomes, and positively impact patient satisfaction scores. Since its adoption, the BPPR has been widely embraced as the leading toolset for quality improvement in pediatric practices across the state of Tennessee.

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