Revolutionizing the Urban and Rural Healthcare Delivery Model


Transforming Health Care Access

The Pediatric Health Improvement Coalition (PHIC) stands at the forefront of this change. PHIC focuses on improving people’s access to quality healthcare by changing the location of delivery. Rather than restricting healthcare delivery to traditional players, PHIC envisions a future where people can see a healthcare provider their local schools.

Strategic Foundation

  • Design Thinking
  • Ethnography

Deliverables & Tactics

  • Human-Centered Outreach Strategy & Tools
  • Documentary Filmmaking

PHIC approached LIFT with the challenge to spread the vision of school-based health clinics to key stakeholders, many of whom were unconvinced or confused about the model.


Develop a model for school-based health care that considers the all stakeholders involved.

Transitioning to a school-based health model can be difficult, requiring a major mindset shift for healthcare providers as well as a key understanding of community attitudes and needs.
LIFT took a human-centered approach to the issues and started with those who had the most to gain, families living in the urban and rural communities with limited healthcare access. LIFT researchers conducted an immersive, anthropological study across East Tennessee to understand cultural beliefs, behaviors and attitudes of the community that drive health behavior. Through this effort, we identified the needs of the community and provided strategic recommendations on the integration of school-based health elements, including care coordination, nurses/telemedicine and school based health clinics as appropriate.


From the insights gained, LIFT created product branding and an integrated communications plan to educate stakeholders and the community about PHIC’s vision for school-based health clinics. PHIC and LIFT used these to engage select members of the community and leadership to foster partnership in improving community health through cultivating the adoption of school-based healthcare solutions. PHIC has made great strides in developing partnerships. Currently, they have partnered with Erlanger Children’s Hospital to pilot telemedicine programs in five Hamilton County schools and are looking to expand operations across Eastern Tennessee.

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