Fueling Health System Marketing with Design and Empathy


Understanding the Consumer

Beebe Healthcare has a prominent presence in its market, yet the system is under constant pressure from regional competitors and must market purposefully in order to maintain share and eliminate out-migration. It was clear that the time had come to take a deep dive into understanding their consumers in order to design an aggressive marketing campaign.

Strategic Foundation

  • Design Thinking
  • Ethnography
  • Strategic Co-Creation & Design

Deliverables & Tactics

  • Design Studio Workshops
  • Gamification of Mapping Protocols
  • Ethnographic Research Study
  • Omnichannel Advertising Campaign Creative & Strategy
  • Custom Publication and Content Strategy
  • Dedicated Account Support

LIFT was charged with leveraging the cultural characteristics of the community to support market positioning and promote service line excellence in cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, women’s health, surgical services and other key drivers of volume and revenue for the system.


Crafting a general messaging style and format that resonates with local sensibilities while positioning against competitive pressures from competitors.

It All Starts in the studio.

On numerous occasions, LIFT has developed customized “Design Studio” workshop engagements, bringing together marketing communications leadership and other agency partners, to frame the thematic and design constructs for a key strategic initiatives — from a multi-year expansion effort to a patient-centric advertising campaign.

  • To develop a campaign that reflects the intersection of voice and experience in a manner that resonates with the community at-large
  • To drive service line revenue for targeted clinical areas of focus
  • To position Beebe favorably in the market in order to stave off out-migration.
  • Capitalizing on the system’s deep-rooted history and their context in the small community where they reside
  • Leveraging local cultural realities to advance various service lines and other key drivers of volume and revenue

  • Ensuring that patient-centeredness and purposfulness is at the center of all work 
Early on, the biggest challenge for Beebe was a lack of understanding around local cultural drivers of health behavior. LIFT was able to leverage ethnography as a cornerstone component in understanding the community and patient journey and then utilize design thinking methodologies to craft patient-centric messaging that elevated the voice of Beebe to align with the values and beliefs of the communities they serve.
LIFT has leveraged the voice and face of the Beebe community embodied by real patients to design messaging and content for virtually every channel imaginable—from a custom consumer magazine to a multifaceted digital hub supported by a robust multi-channel marketing program. Our use of ethnography and design thinking has facilitated several excellent and successful campaigns and programs that continue today to support the Beebe vision.

Harnessing the Patient Voice and experience For effective Marketing

Immersive ethnographic interviews with real patients yielded authentic and compelling stories intended to endorse and validate Beebe as a superior healthcare provider. Multichannel executions informed by personas and journey mapping exercises—spanning broadcast, out-of-home, print, digital, and experiential—helps ensure that Beebe is engaging prospective consumers at the right place, with the right content, at the right time. 


LIFT has been working with Beebe since 2015. In addition to driving volumes in targeted service lines, we have helped tell the Beebe story through the eyes of the community—delivering a voice that is nuanced and authentic. Additionally, we have helped Beebe launch a major market expansion that includes a new outpatient surgery center, a freestanding emergency department, a new Center for Robotic Surgery, and other infrastructure that will support the market growth and success of the system in the years to come.