Connect with patients long before they step into your facility. Understand their lived experiences, needs, and motivations—both in and outside the four walls of your hospital.

As you look ahead into 2022 and beyond, you’re undoubtedly considering your current and future marketing, communications, and research investments. Don’t compromise when it comes to understanding your patients and their communities.

Traditional market data limits human understanding, and MarketVoice is the solution. MarketVoice is a bespoke, mixed-methods approach to hospital and health system research—delivering powerful, in-depth insights that can be immediately leveraged into marketing programs seeking to fuel positive employee, patient, and community satisfaction outcomes.

Here are just four reasons why MarketVoice should be at the center of your hospital’s strategic plan:

ONE: MarketVoice Enables More Complete Understanding of Patients, Their Lived Experiences, and Their Communities

MarketVoice goes beyond traditional market research—placing value on consumer stories and beliefs not typically present in quantitative healthcare research, delivering tremendous understanding and value to your marketing strategy. We’re able to do this by embracing a novel “mixed-methods” approach to research that is both scientific and inherently empathic.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality defines the term ‘mixed-methods’ as “a methodology of research that advances the systematic integration of quantitative and qualitative data.” The basic premise of this methodology is that such integration permits a more complete and synergistic utilization of data and is encouraged as a better approach to understanding.

The reason of this approach is this: numbers alone cannot convey human understanding, human insights, and stories. Typically curated quantitative consumer data still needs interpretation and analysis. And if you want to be understood and create real marketing impact, your data needs stories.

TWO: MarketVoice Creates Naturally Occurring Efficiencies (or “Smart Money”)

Our approach is the smartest way a hospital can invest in primary research, hands down. The reason? Simple: It’s cheaper to combine the two approaches. Combining two methods provides far better insights and reports, resulting in greater value at a lower cost.

Not only is mixed-methods smarter money, MarketVoice reports deliver significant insights and value in terms of understanding and context that fuels successful strategies in a collaborative setting. MarketVoice reports can be designed to support collaboration across two or more strategic areas of focus (e.g., patient experience and service line marketing), offsetting the burden of research priorities by spreading research design and investment across more than one cost center.

MarketVoice not only delivers more impact, but also lowers the overall cost of understanding.

THREE: MarketVoice Fuels Strategic & Creative Velocity

The proof is in our reporting and it’s what makes MarketVoice unique. A MarketVoice report is chock full of insights, context, understanding, and human narrative—equipping you and your team with strategic solutions, while providing a host of creative perspectives that can be pulled through to fuel implementation of programs.

Think of creative and strategic velocity as this: Value. Power. Assuredness. Confidence. All fueled by clarity, understanding, and context.

In addition to the rich insights that come through when you invest in MarketVoice, there’s a vast amount of understanding, stories, and content that can be leveraged collaboratively and efficiently to inform a wide swath of strategic needs, making great use of limited dollars.

This is one of the reasons we created MarketVoice—not only to share with hospitals a better approach to market research, but to provide a way to immediately bring insights and stories to life. Traditional market research companies flatly deliver the data—MarketVoice research delivers dynamic, actionable reports that fan the creative strategic fire.

FOUR: MarketVoice Promotes Agility, By Design.

Our clients desire to stay ahead of the changes facing their organization on a near daily (if not hourly) basis. MarketVoice provides a programmatic approach to on-demand mixed-methods research and insights that will spark knowledge, understanding, and competitive advantage across the organization.

LIFT offers a customizable approach to research preparedness, planning, and design that is enviable when compared to traditional approaches to strategy. With MarketVoice, it’s possible to build your research strategy and design studies to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s healthcare landscape, while also making the best use of your resources and budget.

You are not alone. We understand you need time and resources—the MarketVoice research team will become an extension of your team—bringing both time and human capital to your department. 

When you partner with LIFT, and champion this approach to market and marketing research, you get a staff of anthropologists, designers, strategists, and researchers all focused on understanding what’s important to you and your market. As a research partner, we are devoted to understanding your market and the sentiment of your community—and to delivering a rich, powerful, and versatile report that not only answers your research questions but fuels the fires of implementation and success.

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