“Healthcare brands crave a novel formula for powerful solution design—our end-to-end Solution Design Praxis delivers a seamless transition from insights to design to implementation. It’s empathy blended with creativity, and it works.”

—Dave Chlastosz
President, LIFT

Healthcare Marketing Services

LIFT is capable of serving marketing, patient education, engagement and support program executives across the entire healthcare vertical and is particularly attuned to the unique needs of hospitals/health systems and pharmaceutical brands. Our novel approach makes us a great partner to inspired healthcare brands who understand the value of involving the patient perspective to create a human-centered marketing strategy.

Empathy. The Cornerstone of Success.

Our client engagements always start by listening to stakeholder stories. By understanding patient and related stakeholder realities, we are able to design and implement tailored marketing and education strategies that provide patients the tools they need to become empowered toward a higher level of competency and accountability in their own health and wellbeing. This is how we bring the promise of design to life for our clients—one unique assignment and one unique solution or campaign at a time.

“LIFT is uniquely positioned to be a powerful resource to our clients as a marketing services provider. Our end-to-end process virtually guarantees excellent stories, campaigns, and patient education programming. We help our clients understand, engage, activate, educate, and empower consumers for optimal results—clinically and financially.”

David McDonald
CEO and Founder

Leverage Understanding to Tell the Story

The LIFT value proposition can be leveraged across multiple stages of the healthcare consumer, service, and product development life cycle, and is supported by thoughtful measurement, validation, and alignment with the goals and objectives of our clients. Our vision is rooted in consumer empowerment, and our strategic context is grounded in the science of marketing. That said, it is not uncommon for LIFT to also interface with various strategic stakeholders within, or adjacent to, the commercial and marketing function—particularly those whose responsibilities include impacting or shaping the patient/consumer experience.

Tactical Execution

Why do all the insights gathering and design thinking if you don’t bring the results to life? Taking what we learn and applying those learnings to support your marketing, patient education, engagement, and support programing is the very reason we do what we do. Regardless of the medium or the context, LIFT can help you build and deploy marketing and consumer engagement programs that educate and empower competency & relevance—thereby resulting in outstanding strategic results, clinically or financially.

LIFT Offers a Unique and Powerful End-to-End Solution

Our proprietary framework offers our clients an end-to-end solution that honors stakeholder voices while championing the iterative nature of design—bringing several benefits to the value table:
  • Marketing insights pull-through in a wildly potent manner.

  • Process maintains a human-centric lens throughout.

  • Patients & stakeholders involved throughout solution design.

  • Approach is iterative, holistic and inductive.

  • Work product is rigorous, providing great confidence in solution design.

  • Solutions are contextual and built at ground level with the patient.

  • Marketing investment is leveraged for maximum value.

  • A one-stop agency partner who understands the journey from start to finish.