“Your brand needs a novel formula for powerful strategy and execution—empathy blended with creativity.”

—Dave Chlastosz
President, LIFT

Marketing Strategy and Implementation

LIFT is uniquely positioned to support our clients as a marketing services partner—crafting strategic stories, messaging, programming, experiences, and content to help our clients meaningfully engage, activate, acquire, and retain their target stakeholders. Using our design thinking foundation, we deliver insights-driven marketing strategies that provide excellent results, drive strategic success, and facilitate positive clinical and economic outcomes.

Empathy. The Cornerstone of Success.

Our client engagements always start by listening to stakeholder stories. By understanding patient and related stakeholder realities, we are able to design and implement tailored marketing and education strategies that provide patients the tools they need to become empowered toward a higher level of competency and accountability in their own health and wellbeing. This is how we bring the promise of design to life for our clients—one campaign at a time.

“As marketers, we’ve grown accustomed to the terms business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). The rebirth of healthcare marketing calls for healthcare professionals to champion a more forward-looking point of view—human-to-human. We call that H2H.”

Brian Shakley
EVP and Partner

Leverage Understanding to Tell the Story

Healthcare providers and patients are humans first—and by leveraging the human condition to inform message design, LIFT establishes connections that inspire positive experiences while empowering impressive results across important regulatory, medical, commercial, consumer, and population health strategies. We seek to understand and to illuminate human truths at ground level and pull-through strategic insights that inform strategic recommendations that are relevant, actionable, and above all, accountable to your investment.

Tactical Execution

Why do all the insights gathering and design thinking if you don’t bring the results to life? Taking what we learn and applying those learnings to support your marketing strategy is the very reason we do what we do. We help our clients tell relatable and compelling stories using content that inspires stakeholders to take action—actions that become powerful brand experiences. We do this because we believe a story possesses the power of transformation and resonates not just logically, but emotionally. Our team can help you to uncover these stories and bring them to life through the lens of your brand.

Leveraging a Multi-Stakeholder Design Team

It is not uncommon for us to interface with other strategic stakeholders within or adjacent to the marketing function—particularly those whose responsibilities include impacting or shaping the patient/consumer experience and outcomes. We are capable of serving marketers across the entire healthcare vertical and are particularly attuned to the unique needs of hospitals, health systems, and pharmaceutical and device brands. LIFT’s marketing services can be leveraged across multiple stages of the healthcare consumer and product lifecycle—providing tremendous advantage and driving positive outcomes over time.