“What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things.”

—Margaret Mead

Ethnography and Insights

Understanding a patient’s reality and leveraging that understanding to build a better system of care, provide better marketing, and produce education programming is fast becoming as important as technology and science in healthcare. To that end, healthcare strategists are becoming more dependent on insights that put human truths—held by real people with real voices and experiences—at the center of their strategies. Ethnography, borne from anthropology, is the process of learning about subjects by learning from them—providing important insights that will inform strategy.

At LIFT we understand that healthcare brands must cultivate an authentic human-centered voice that empowers skills that are relevant to the lived experiences of the patients and stakeholders that they seek to engage with and care for.

The LIFT Insights Canvas®

Using our proprietary Insights Canvas™ to understand the stakeholder journey—and related needs, motivations, and expectations—we artfully link the voice of your brand to the experience of the people and populations your organization seeks to serve and support.

Championing a lens of anthropology, qualitative research, and immersive ethnography will drive positive strategic outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem. We guarantee it.

“Walk alongside your consumers and patients, explore their journeys, and listen to what they have to say…”


Matt Bradley
VP, Insights

Explore and Understand the Patient Journey

Many brands claim that they know their customers, but how many truly understand them? The gaps between knowing and understanding prevent us from achieving patient centricity in marketing and strategy. Ethnography provides us a framework for empathically engaging with patients and actually learning from them.

Own the Patient Experience

We believe that your voice—the words, pictures, values, beliefs, and actions of your brand—is inextricably linked to the experiences you create. Stakeholders respond more positively to brands that reflect their unique values and sensibilities, and in turn, elevate the brand empathically. Human-centered marketing and communications programming gives way to empowering ideas that facilitate experiences that are purposeful and authentic.

Control Share of Experience

In seeking to understand and empower stakeholders, our clients are more able to make a positive impact on Share of Experience™. LIFT’s real-world qualitative insights reflect the human voice of our clients’ stakeholders and reveal authentic opportunities to capture and cultivate Share of Experience—a proprietary measure of how effectively healthcare marketing and communications programing impacts engagement, education, empowerment, and competency among the stakeholder population.