“Understanding the patient reality and leveraging that understanding to build better trials, stronger brands, more personal experiences, and empathic systems of care is fast becoming as important as technology and science in healthcare.”

—Dave Chlastosz
President, LIFT

Qualitative Insights and Ethnography

Patients want to tell their story. They need and want healthcare companies to engage with them, ask them questions, listen to them, and to understand them in the context off their unique life situations. Qualitative research, and ethnography in particular, is the gold standard for understanding stakeholder reality at ground level.

Over the past few years hospitals, health systems, and pharmaceutical companies have put more and more emphasis on connecting with and understanding patients. Digital or face-to-face—our insights practice seeks to understand patient reality, thereby adding crucial context to patient-focused messages and programs.

The LIFT Insights Canvas®

Our proprietary Insights Canvas illuminates stakeholder realities and sheds light on important aspects of being a patient or caregiver. Journey and related mapping; burden of disease; burden of treatment; benefit/risk; and related truths are uncovered at ground level and in the stakeholder’s expert words. Our Insights Canvas allows us to collaboratively and artfully link the voice of your brand to the needs and experiences of the people and communities you seek to serve and support.

What turns quality insights into value?

Relevance to patients. An understanding of, and accountability to, patients and caregivers. This is what turns insights into value for our clients—creating human connections that drive strategic results and brand affinity.

When it comes to marketing and patient education, you cannot have great design without extreme stakeholder empathy—and so “turning quality insights into value” in that sense is a matter of relevance to the patient’s reality and to everyone involved in the transaction (HCP, Patient, Caregiver).

It all adds up to creating a better experience—for the patient—clinically and emotionally—and for the brand—financially.

“At LIFT, we create strategies that are fueled by human insights and borne of a multidisciplinary design thinking approach. Our strategic guidance is grounded in the voice of your stakeholders and our solutions seek to nurture authentic opportunities to cultivate and impact positive outcomes clinically and financially.”


Brian Shakley

Explore and Understand the Patient Journey

Many brands claim that they know their customers, but how many truly understand them? The gaps between knowing and understanding prevent us from achieving patient centricity in marketing and strategy. Qualitative insights provide us a framework for empathically engaging with patients and actually learning from their expert points of view.

Include the Patient Journey in Yours

We believe that your voice—the words, pictures, values, beliefs, and actions of your brand—is inextricably linked to the experiences you create. Stakeholders respond more positively to brands that reflect their voice, values, and sensibilities.

A human-centered approach to marketing and patient education gives way to empowering ideas that facilitate patient focused messages, programs, and experiences that are purposeful and authentic.

Share of Experience®

Share of Experience is expressed by how effectively a healthcare marketing, communication, or patient support program impacts:

  • The experience a patient has of his or her own health.
  • The experiences of those who care for the patients and the community served.
  • The role you play in creating and managing those experiences.

    Share of Experience is measured by the level of engagement (activation), education (literacy/competency), and empowerment (accountability and/or adherence) among the stakeholder population. These measures of patient engagement can be combined with traditional quantitative metrics to add a voice to patient and market data.

    LIFT owns the trademark on this metric and the intellectual property related to its formal application.