“Patients and related stakeholders must have a voice. Co-creation is foundational to successful healthcare marketing and patient support programs, and design thinking provides us the tools and protocols necessary to champion a common language.”

—David McDonald
CEO & Founder, LIFT

Design Thinking

Design thinking, especially in the context of consumer healthcare and life science organizations, is about people—blurring the line between company and community to empower an equal exchange of ideas and involvement. Through this lens emerges powerful strategies and tactics that are intended to help our clients champion the human condition while delivering on business and clinical objectives.

“Design thinking uses creative activities to foster collaboration and solve problems in human-centered ways. Design thinking leads to creative confidence. Creative confidence is the belief that everyone is creative, and that creativity isn’t the ability to draw or compose or sculpt, but a way of understanding the world.”

—David Kelley
Founder of IDEO

Design. Differentiate. Build Competitive Advantage.

Design thinking is comprehensive, yet detailed. It enables us to understand the relationship between many elements in a process, while recognizing opportunities to improve them through a lens of extreme stakeholder empathy. Most importantly, design directs us to observe the individual as they relate to the whole. Overall, design thinking allows companies to differentiate themselves from their competition—and those who employ the tools and protocols of design will typically find they have an advantage in market.

The LIFT Solution Design Praxis—an end-to-end framework for healthcare marketers and patient support professionals.

Insights come to life through using maps, interactive tools, workshops, and design thinking experiences. At LIFT, healthcare marketers, strategists, and patient education and patient support professionals collaborate in multidisciplinary teams to address even the most formidable business, clinical, and social challenges.
  1. Using the LIFT Solution Design Praxis, our teams help our clients solve for strategy and solution design through bespoke design workshops targeted to a specific area of focus.
  2. We help our clients create a culture of design thinking through targeted engagements intended to orient stakeholders to the tools and protocols of design.
  3.   In working with LIFT, our clients are empowered to leverage a healthcare design thinking framework that guides multidisciplinary stakeholder teams through the innovation and strategy process while cultivating an adaptive culture where people champion the value of design and innovative thinking. Design thinking is a way of life and part of the DNA of every member of the LIFT team. In addition to the typical cast of characters you might expect inside a healthcare marketing agency, at LIFT you will find anthropologists, industrial designers, medical doctors, psychometricians, ethnographers, and filmmakers.

Leverage a Design Framework. Fuel Innovation and Strategy.

The tools and protocols of design thinking provide several important advantages to healthcare brands seeking to innovate and adapt to the ever-evolving consumer-centric delivery landscape. At LIFT our approach comes to life through our end-to-end approach to solution design—we call it the LIFT Solution Design Praxis. Insights lead to design workshops intended to champion a diverse point of view and to generate prototypes and solutions that are grounded in human understanding and that can be tested and iterated for maximum effect at scale.